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Smart policing refers to the strategic and data-driven use of technology and innovation to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement practices. Its roots can be traced back to historical developments such as the evolution of community policing models, advancements in communication technologies like police radios, early efforts in data analysis and criminal profiling, and the historical use of surveillance technologies. The evolution of law enforcement has been significantly driven by technology, manifesting in data analytics for predictive policing, the widespread adoption of body-worn cameras ensuring transparency, enhanced communication through interconnected databases, virtual and augmented reality for training, and the utilization of biometric tools.

Recognizing the transformative potential of Information Technology (IT) in enhancing the efficiency, responsiveness, and overall effectiveness of policing, the National Police Bureau (NPB) has established the Smart Policing Unit (SPU). This unit is dedicated to advancing the integration of IT in police operations and developing innovative initiatives to propel Pakistan’s law enforcement into the future. The Smart Policing Unit will serve as a hub for consolidating ongoing efforts within Provincial Police and NPB, fostering collaboration, and spearheading new endeavors to harness the full potential of smart policing. The unit is mandated to perform the following functions: