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Given the importance of the issue of transnational organized crime and the country’s commitment to curb this menace, Pakistan has passed "The Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Act, 2018" and "The Prevention of Smuggling of Migrants Act, 2018" in 2018. In line with the provisions of the UNTOC; Pakistan also enacted the Mutual Legal Assistance (Criminal Matters) Act, 2020, which regulates the procedure for rendering and soliciting mutual legal assistance in criminal matters. A National Action Plan to combat TIP and SOM (2021-2025) drafted with the support of UNODC, provides a clear guideline for the next five years. Rule 43 of Prevention of Trafficking in Person Rules, 2020 mandates National Police Bureau to develop and maintain a centralized database on trafficking in persons.

The Bureau has therefore, as part of its recent initiatives, established a National Database on Trafficking in Person Management Unit. The primary objective of this unit is to establish a comprehensive, integrated and centralized database, data collection, analysis, and dissemination capability at the national level.