The aim of the project is to build ICT infrastructure within the police thus creating an integrated and paperless environment. The scope of the project includes provision of IT infrastructure, automation of Police Stations, designing and development of software, MIS and ERP solutions. The project was initially designed on a PC over dial-up connectivity which was later upgraded to Service Delivery Network (SDN) over WIMAX and Optical Fiber for the 22 most populous cities of Pakistan. Rawalpindi was made operational on this concept as a pilot for PROMIS.

Currently PROMIS is deployed in 23 cities, 76 Districts and 5 Data Centres at PHQ on WIMAX, Fiber and VSAT technology. Voice over IP telephony was introduced at these sites to cater for the internal communication. An amount of Rs.93.341 million and Rs.6.500 million have been released against the allocation of Rs.172.853 million and Rs.10.000 million for the financial years 2010-11 and 2011-12 respectively. Completion report (PC-IV) for 1st Phase of the project has already been sent to MoI (Development Wing) for its final submission to P&D Division.

In order to meet the requirement for deployment of the project in 120 districts as per design change, a fresh PC-I for Phase-II has to be initiated OR provinces be encouraged to get the respective PC-I approved in line with Islamabad, Sindh and AJ&K.

The PROMIS software is indigenously developed by the M/S Interactive Group (An IT form), which comprises of the following applications:-

  1. Police Station Record Management System
  2. Criminal Record Management System
  3. Registration of Foreigners
  4. MIS for Police Operation Activities
  5. Crime Reporting for Crime Branch
  6. Police Vehicle Management & Spare Parts Management System
  7. Police Personnel Management
  8. Police Inventory Management System