Pakistan Automated Fingerprint Identification System

The project was approved by the ECNEC on 2006 at total cost Rs. 1107.014, million including US grant in Aid of Rs. 720 million in the shape of software and hardware by the M/S Lockheed Martin ( A US vender). However, Rs. 600.00 million was provided by the US government out of pledged amount. Later on the vender was reluctant to continue the project due to structural issues of the building constructed by Pak PWD for the main data center. Hence, it was handed over to M/S Interactive group (IT firm) through ISI.


Objectives were to capacity building of police force for combating organized crime by providing infrastructure and network connectivity to the police at districts level for identifying criminals through fingerprint identification system. It was also envisaged to provide database sharing facilities to police / other law enforcement agencies and to impart training to fingerprint operators / experts, enabling them to collect sample of latent fingerprints from crime scenes.

Current Status

In phase-I of the project (07) Multi Functional Work Stations (MFWS) have been deployed at provincial headquarters, Gilgit and Islamabad. The central site has been established at FIA HQ. 52 RTs have been established in the phase-I and establishment of 72 RTs are under process in the phase-II of the project. The main data center is currently non functional due to over capacity of data, which needs up-gradation.

Verification of finger prints from PAFIS database is essential requirement of Kuwait embassy for issuing of visa. The applicants are facing difficulty in getting NOC from FIA. These applicants are approaching NPB on daily basis for redressel of their grievances.

In order to sort out the issue this Bureau took up the matter with the Ministry of Interior. The Ministry has directed FIA to operationalize the system. In response, the FIA informed that the main data base needs up gradation as it is already overloaded.