About National Police Bureau

National Police Bureau is the premier institution for steering police reform efforts in the country. We have legal responsibility to act as the Secretariat of the National Public Safety commission, the highest body meant for accountability of police through society’s representation. We are the secretariat of the National Police Management Board, a body comprising senior police leadership, which provides leadership in professional police matters. We are the think tank for ideas on police and prison reforms and we act as the focal point for reform coordination. The National Police Bureau is mandated to act as think tank on most criminal justice related matters and be the generator of policy initiatives on police reforms.

The Bureau also acts as the repository of knowledge about police professional standards, thereby helping the Ministry of Interior improve the quality of policing in Pakistan and take evidence-based decisions.

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Mission & Vision


  1. Think Tank on Police Reforms
  2. Secretariat of National Public Safety Commission (Article 162)
  3. Secretariat of National Police Management Board (Article 162)
  4. Capacity building activities for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) on national basis especially related to training, police infrastructure, forensic science and police Information Technology
  5. Supervision of matters relating to:
    1. National Forensic Science Agency (NFSA);
    2. National Police Commissions and implementation of their recommendations;
    3. Police gallantry awards;
    4. Citizen Police Liaison Committees;
    5. Compensation cases of Police Officers who died during service;
    6. R&D functions;
    7. Provision of equipment to Law Enforcement Agencies;
    8. Economic Cooperation Organization;
    9. Public complaints;
    10. bilateral agreements; and
    11. South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)

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